DHS Announces $2.2 Billion For State and Local First Responders

November 3 - Today, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced the allocation of over $2.2 billion dollars in grant funding from the Office for Domestic Preparedness demonstrating the Administration's commitment to enhance the abilities of our first responders to prevent, respond and recover from potential acts of terrorism.  For the first time, states can apply online for their allocated grants using one form that will serve as a "one-stop-shop" application for three different programs that benefit first responders and will provide additional resources to state and local government counterterrorism efforts. In addition to the single application, DHS is launching an interagency grants and training website on the DHS website at www.dhs.gov/grants.  

"No longer will our state and local partners have to go to different places within the department to apply for terrorism-related funding. It ensures that nationwide, Homeland Security officials have one place where they can tap into the resources as well as the information they need," said Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. "State and local communication and coordination, after all, reflects the very nature of homeland security, the federal government working with the home towns of America to keep our country safe and free."